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Peeroo Mehendi Henna for Hair is the ultimate answer for individuals seeking a vibrant hair colour that looks natural and lasts long. We use only the finest ingredients to create superior-quality henna that delivers a hassle-free colouring experience and a luxurious finish. Whether you're looking to refresh your look or try something new, Peeroo Mehendi Henna for Hair provides the perfect solution to elevate your hair color game.

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Our Peeroo Mehendi Henna for Hair is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a natural-looking, vibrant hair color that lasts. Made with only the finest ingredients, our henna offers a hassle-free coloring process that delivers a luxurious finish.

Peeroo Mehendi Henna for Hair is a luxurious hair coloring solution that comes in two stunning shades – Black and Brown. Our henna is made from the finest quality ingredients and is expertly crafted to ensure maximum color retention and a vibrant shine. Our customers can now experience the richness and depth of natural hair color that comes with the use of our henna.

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